Mixed Canvas Large Wall Clock

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Almost every home and office features a clock, which automatically becomes the centre-piece of its space. Why not transform this centrifugal decorative piece into something a little more awe-inspiring? With the Mixed Canvas Large Wall Clock Set, there are 4 large A4 Value Range for where a clock would normally display the noon, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock numerals. The rest of the numerals are represented by smaller A5 Value Range Canvases. What’s so special about these Canvases? They’re 100% designed by YOU! Choose to use traditional numerals or instead, use your favourite images where the numerals would go. Each Mixed Canvas Wall Clock Set is easy to design with the help of our on-line editor. Your order will come with a set of large silver clock hands and the mechanism. You will also receive a large positioning sheet to assist with hanging.