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RapidStudio’s Ultimate Designer Photo Album Range

RapidStudio ultimate coffee table photobook album with black leather printed cover and white stitching

Photo album books ensure a multiplying effect to life’s special moments. A beautiful photo album allows moments to be immortalised and shared, over and over. And for those really special memories, you’ll want a photo book album that is as exquisite as your memories. That’s why RapidStudio’s Ultimate Designer Albums are so popular. Each book is made with the highest quality material, finishes and craftsmanship. All Photobook albums in our Ultimate Range are layflat and printed on professional photographic paper.

Custom-build your photobook album with a variety of finishes to suit every taste from the popular leather covers available in genuine leather, vegan or hide to the whimsical canvas or linen cover. Each cover type is available in a range of styles and colours and personalisation of the cover is highly recommended with your favourite picture adorning the cover and embossing for that luxe finish. Whatever your preference, you’ll find just what you’re looking for in our Ultimate Album range and quality that will last a lifetime.

In the RapidStudio factory, our Ultimate Pro Album range is made in its own lab space with state-of-the-art machinery and talented artisans. Only the most skillful book-makers are trusted with crafting these special books. Affordability, quality, durability and relevant, on-trend aesthetic is key to place photobook albums in your hands that will last and be admired for years to come.

Wedding Photo Album Printing

Are you looking for the best and most affordable place to print your wedding album in South Africa? You’ve come to the right place. RapidStudio is the professional photographer’s first choice for quality client albums with a fast turn-around. If your wedding photography package didn’t include a photo album, or you’re looking to save on costs for your wedding, making your own professional looking wedding photobook using RapidStudio’s online album-maker is easy. You’ll be showing off your beautiful wedding album in no time.

How? RapidStudio’s online album-maker cover designs and inside page templates have been designed by professional wedding photographers who know how to put a beautiful book together to capture your special day. RapidStudio passes those designs and resources on to you through our online phobook album-maker. Select your pictures and use the handy auto-fill tool to populate your book with your chosen pictures. Next is a few tweaks and you can be done. Spend as little or as long as you want to creating your wedding album.

Rapidstudio ultimate designer coffee table wedding photo album with
Rapidstudio ultimate designer coffee table photo album with semi personalised leather printed cover

Photo Album Sizes

From our teensy tiny 10cm x 10cm [can we hyperlink to a pic by any chance?] Ultimate designer album (which makes a GREAT baby brag book album and gift to baby’s loved ones) to the supreme, deluxe sized 30cm x 40 cm landscape album, with 10 sizes available, there’s a size that will suit the book you’re making.

Photo Album Cover Types

RapidStudio’s Semi-personalised ultimate album is our favourite. The leather binding offers a luxe look and combined with your favourite image adorning the front cover - it achieves a real wow factor. The paper the cover picture is printed on is very special. It’s called wheatlam and has a STUNNING fine grain in the paper that gives it a very subtle glimmer that catches in the light. Wheatlam paper is also hard-wearing and can withstand years of time in hands being admired.

Photo Album Cover Materials

There is a vast array of cover material choices to adorn your Ultimate Designer Album. Leather is ever-popular available in genuine or hide, and for the animal and earth-conscious vegan leather carries the same properties as the genuine leather options and looks fantastic. Linen and canvas offer a softer finish in a variety of colours and shades.

Photo Album Cover Styles

Now you’ve chosen your cover type and material, each one comes in a number of style variations. The differences might be subtle, but at RapidStudio we follow global trends in photobook design and want to stay on-trend and offer a variety of styles to suit every taste. Play around on the cover style options on our Ultimate Albums Calculator Page to see the mix and match styles on offer.

Rapidstudio ultimate designer coffee table photo album with semi personalised leather printed cover
Rapidstudio ultimate designer coffee table photo album with semi personalised leather printed cover

Traditional vs. modern wedding photobook cover designs

Introducing the most exceptional wedding photobook cover designs that encapsulate the essence of love and passion. As you embark on your journey to eternalize your special day, the cover of your wedding photo book album sets the tone for the cherished memories it holds. From timeless elegance to modern romance, our range of wedding photobook cover designs each exudes it's own unique story, speaking to the individuality of every couple.

At RapidStudio, we unveil an array of photo album cover options, including classic leather in an assortment of colors, inviting linen, and durable canvas. Delve into our semi-personalized editions that artfully combine leather, canvas, or linen with printed covers, or opt for the luxurious two-tone choices blending leather, linen, or canvas. Elevate your memories with our fully printed covers, each design telling a unique tale of love and commitment. Elevate your cherished moments with an album cover that resonates with your unique love story.

Photo Album Paper Types and Mounting

RapidStudio’s Ultimate’s Department only prints on the highest quality photographic paper using wet lab technology. These products and processes offer the highest quality finish available in the industry - and these books feature nothing but the best. Ultimate Range album pages are produced as double-page spreads on one continuous piece of paper and butterfly mounted - this method ensures a seamless look to your pages, with no interruption to your image from the spine. Each piece of paper is machine-scored in the centre to help the page fold inside your book. In this way, pictures can flow across the page of your album, unaffected and uninterrupted by the spine. Choose between 0.5mm page thickness which has a slight give and offers higher page count potential for bigger books, or 1mm page thickness where the photographic paper is mounted onto a backboard. While this does limit the number of pages you can have in your book it is a really luxe look and feel and because the pages don’t have any give they are more hard-wearing and durable.

Rapidstudio ultimate designer coffee table photo album with semi personalised leather printed cover