Basic USB in Wood 32GB

Choose your USB style

RapidStudio introduces beautifully unique, personalised USB flash drives that stand out and make a statement. Looking for an exciting new way to market your brand? Our new premium USB flash drives are crafted from fine grain, wooden. Using laser etching technology to engrave and burn your logo or text on each USB drive. SIZE 32GIG

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USB Flash Drives - a unique and special gift

Create a personalised USB flash drive online with Rapidstudio

RapidStudio’s Personalised USB Flash Drives are a beautiful way to store, back-up, transport, or gift photos and a great way to market your brand!

USB’s are 32GIG and come in two fun styles:

Wood: Crafted from fine grain, quality wood. USB body, lid and box lid can be personalised using laser etching technology to engrave and burn client names, icons, logo or text. These are a favourite among photographers, it’s nice to feature the name and a cute motif for your client, but also include your logo - say on the USB lid.

Message in a bottle: The cutest little glass bottle with an authentic cork stopper where the USB is embedded. Inside the bottle is a personalised photographic polaroid strip with 3 pictures of your choosing.