Teddy Bear, Kyle

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Add a personalised teddy bear to a gift for that extra special touch. Can teddy help you propose? Marriage? Matric Dance? Personalise with your favourite saying or nicknames for each other. The fun ideas are endless. Brown teddy (Kyle) with white shirt - a popular new born baby teddy bear gift. Teddy’s T-shirt can be personalised with a photo and or text on the front. Print SIZE 10 x 5.5cm Size: 30cm tall

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Kyle - a cute and Cuddly gift for someone you love.

Create a personalised soft toy gift online with RapidStudio

A Fluffy golden brown bear with an adorable expression on his face, in a white shirt, custom printed with your design.

Our Dye Sublimation print process allows us to create vivid, colour-rich images on a wide variety of substrates. Printed using specialised Dye Sub Inkjets at 300dpi, and then heat transferred onto the product for a unique high quality finish.

Sweet and snuggly soft toys from RapidStudio are designed to inspire love and warmth on any occasion! Our line of personalised soft toys may be designed to include an image of your choice or choose from our Baby Boy and Baby Girl themes to celebrate the arrival of a new baby!

Astonish your friends and family with this adorably customized teddy. This teddy comes fitted in a precious t-shirt with your chosen image on the front. Makes an excellent birthday or Valentine’s gift for that special someone.

30cm tall

Introducing Sparkles: The Personalised Unicorn Soft Toy

Bring a touch of magic to your loved one's life with our newest addition, Sparkles, the personalised unicorn soft toy. This enchanting unicorn features a customisable shirt that can be personalised with an image or text of your choice, making it the perfect gift for any special occasion.

As a unique personalised gift in South Africa, Sparkles is sure to delight children and unicorn enthusiasts alike. Order your very own personalised unicorn soft toy and let Sparkles work its magic in your life.

Create your own personalised Sparkles unicorn soft toy now!

Cuddly Companions: Perfect Plushies for Your Partner

Looking for a gift that speaks volumes about your affection? Our plushies, from cuddly bears to whimsical creatures, are perfect for expressing love to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Personalize these soft toys with a special message or photo to make your gift even more heartfelt.

Each plushie is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring a soft, huggable companion that lasts. With the option to customize, you can create a truly unique gift that reminds your loved one of you, no matter the distance.

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or just to say "I love you," these plushies are more than toys; they're tokens of love. Surprise your significant other with a plushie that embodies warmth and affection.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to gift a plushie that becomes a cherished companion. Create a personalized plushie today and let your love be felt in the most cuddly way possible.

A Heartwarming Embrace: Personalized Plushies for Every Occasion

Discover the joy of gifting with our personalized plushies. Choose from an array of soft toys, each with its unique charm, ready to be customized with a special message or image. Whether it's a golden brown bear or a mystical unicorn, we bring your affection to life.

Utilizing advanced Dye Sublimation print technology, we ensure that your personalized messages and images are vivid, color-rich, and durable. Printed at 300dpi and heat transferred for a superior finish, our plushies are not just gifts but keepsakes.

RapidStudio's collection of snuggly soft toys is crafted to convey love and warmth, ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because. Personalize a plushie with a memorable photo or a heartfelt message, making it a unique gift for boyfriends, girlfriends, or anyone dear to your heart.

This thoughtful gift, fitted with a customizable t-shirt bearing your chosen image or message, stands at 30cm tall, perfect for hugs and cuddles.

Corporate Branding and Promotions: Stand Out with Personalized Plushies

Transform the way you connect with your audience through the unique charm of personalized plushies. Ideal for corporate events, client gifts, or marketing campaigns, our plushies can be customized with your company logo, brand message, or event details, providing a soft and memorable touch to your promotional efforts.

Whether it's a launch event, a trade show, or an appreciation gift, these plushies serve as delightful brand ambassadors. Their unique, personalized nature ensures your brand stands out, fostering lasting impressions and emotional connections with your brand.

Create a buzz around your brand by incorporating these cuddly companions into your next promotional strategy. Perfect for businesses of all sizes, our plushies are ready to wear your brand and spread the word in the most huggable way possible.

Personalized Home Decor: Plushies with a Personal Touch

Infuse your living spaces with warmth and personality through our range of personalized plushies, designed to complement your home decor. From adorning children’s rooms to adding a cozy touch to your living area, these plushies can be customized to match your interior design theme, colors, or even include family names and special dates.

Perfect as unique, soft accents in any room, our plushies add a layer of comfort and personalization. Celebrate milestones, memories, or simply your family’s unique story with these cuddly decorations.

Memorial Keepsakes: Cherished Plushies for Remembering Loved Ones

In moments of loss, personalized plushies offer a comforting presence, serving as soft, huggable keepsakes that carry the memory of loved ones. Customize these plushies with special features that remind you of those you’ve lost, with their photo on the plushies shirt.

Our memorial plushies provide a tangible way to hold onto the memories and presence of loved ones, offering comfort during times of sorrow. They can be personalized to serve as a lasting tribute, celebrating the life and love shared.

Let us help you create a memorial plushie that honors the memory of your loved one in the most heartfelt way. Start crafting a keepsake that brings solace and love.