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Beautiful Photobooks made easy with Photobook theme designs and layouts

Photo Book templates in the online photobook design editor provides ready-made book page and cover templates

Who needs a bit of help making a BEAUTIFUL photobook?✋
Not all of us are artistically gifted and find making gorgeous photo books easy. The great news is we’ve taken care of that for you with our photobook themes.

At RapidStudio, we’ve teamed up with gifted designers to create photobook designs, templates and layouts in various themes and styles. They are beautifully laid out, come with carefully selected clip art, backgrounds, theme-based designs and a range of page layouts to choose from to make the perfect photo book.

Navigate to our photobook themes page via the ‘more photobook themes’ button that appears at the bottom of our photobook pages. Click on the theme icon that interests you and a preview of that theme will pop up for your perusal. If you’d like a more thorough look at the photobook theme and layout, select the blue ‘create now’ button and it will launch the online photobook software in the theme you selected and you can page through the entire photobook. Start creating your photobook or hit the back arrow to preview another theme.

Our newest designs are Bluegum and Camping themes. The Bluegum is made in gorgeous sage green and light blues, it offers plenty of space for quotes in lovely font. Works great as a Mother’s Day photobook theme or a gratitude book to say thanks to someone special. The camping theme has bright colours and fun camping theme clipart to help capture those family adventures. There are themes for baby photobooks, floaty romantic themes for proposal, valentine, wedding or engagement photo book albums, and we’re always working on adding new designs.

We hope you have fun turning your memories to photo books to print. If you have ideas for photo book themes feel free to share them with us at [email protected] Happy creating!


Valentine's Themed Hardcover Photobook: Romantic and Playful Memories

Cherish your romantic moments with our Valentine's themed hardcover photobook, featuring a playful design full of hand-drawn cliparts. The pages are adorned with love hearts, cupid arrows, "Be my Valentine," "Happy Valentine's Day," and other charming elements that beautifully capture the essence of love and affection.

Start personalising your Valentine's Themed Hardcover Photobook now!

Recommended Theme Hardcover Photobook: Simple and Elegant Memories

Showcase your precious memories with our Recommended Theme Hardcover Photobook, designed to let your pictures take center stage. This beautifully simple layout features clean and uncluttered pages, allowing your photos to shine without any distractions. Perfect for those who appreciate the elegance of minimalist design.

Start personalising your Recommended Theme Hardcover Photobook now!

Mother's Day Bluegum Themed Hardcover Photobook: Celebrating Moms with Elegance

Honour the special moments you share with your mom using our Mother's Day Bluegum Themed Hardcover Photobook. The design features green floral leaves, bluegum leaves, love hearts, and line art decorative elements that come together to create a stunning tribute to the remarkable women in our lives.

Start personalising your Mother's Day Bluegum Themed Hardcover Photobook now!

Christmas Themed Hardcover Photobook: Festive Memories to Treasure

Relive the joy of the holiday season with our Christmas Themed Hardcover Photobook, featuring a vast selection of festive cliparts to embellish your pages. From red berries and green leaves to Santas, Christmas trees, baubles, snowflakes, reindeer, and more, this theme captures the magic and wonder of Christmas, creating a keepsake that you'll cherish for years to come.

Start personalising your Christmas Themed Hardcover Photobook now!

Summer Holiday Themed Hardcover Photobook: Vibrant Memories of Fun in the Sun

Preserve your sun-soaked memories with our Summer Holiday Themed Hardcover Photobook, featuring colourful picture borders and a vast selection of cliparts and embellishments. The lively design perfectly captures the essence of summer fun, creating a keepsake that will bring back the warmth and excitement of your favorite holiday moments for years to come.

Start personalising your Summer Holiday Themed Hardcover Photobook now!

Camping Themed Hardcover Photobook: Outdoor Adventures for Everyone

Document your wilderness explorations with our Camping Themed Hardcover Photobook, perfect for preserving memories of outdoor adventures with family and friends. This theme is filled with cute camping-themed cliparts and matching color backgrounds that bring your nature-filled escapades to life. It's not just for dads and sons—this photobook is designed for adventurers of all ages!

Start personalising your Camping Themed Hardcover Photobook now!

Autumn Themed Hardcover Photobook: Warm Hues and Cozy Memories

Embrace the beauty of the season with our Autumn Themed Hardcover Photobook, featuring warm hues, wood textures, and amber-colored leaves. This design perfectly captures the essence of fall, with rounded corner image placeholders that create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Preserve your cherished autumn memories in a photobook that reflects the warmth and comfort of this beloved time of year.

Start personalising your Autumn Themed Hardcover Photobook now!

Pink Elegant Themed Hardcover Photobook: Graceful and Stylish Design

Add a touch of elegance to your memories with our Pink Elegant Themed Hardcover Photobook. This sophisticated design features graceful pink picture borders and matching elegant pink cliparts that beautifully complement your cherished moments. Perfect for showcasing special occasions or adding a dash of refinement to everyday memories, this photobook is a stylish way to preserve your most treasured moments.

Start personalising your Pink Elegant Themed Hardcover Photobook now!

Baby Blue Themed Hardcover Photobook: Calming and Delicate Design

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of our Baby Blue Themed Hardcover Photobook. This calming design features gentle blue borders and matching blue cliparts that create a tranquil atmosphere for your cherished memories. Ideal for showcasing baby milestones, family moments, or any occasion that calls for a touch of softness and serenity, this photobook is a lovely way to celebrate life's most precious moments.

Start personalising your Baby Blue Themed Hardcover Photobook now!

Dots Themed Hardcover Photobook: Bold and Playful Design

Embrace the joy of life with our Dots Themed Hardcover Photobook. This fun and playful design features bold colors, big cliparts for adding text on top, and lively dotty backgrounds that bring energy and excitement to your cherished memories. Perfect for capturing the spirit of childhood, celebrations, or any moment that calls for a burst of color and enthusiasm, this photobook is a vibrant way to preserve your most treasured experiences.

Start personalising your Dots Themed Hardcover Photobook now!

Greenery Themed Hardcover Photobook: Nature-Inspired and Elegant Design

Embrace the beauty of nature with our Greenery Themed Hardcover Photobook. This elegant design features green and adjacent matching hues, subtle floral and woodgrain textures in the backgrounds, and rounded corners for a refined touch. White text adds a crisp contrast to the lush color palette, creating a photobook that perfectly captures the essence of life's most serene moments.

Start personalising your Greenery Themed Hardcover Photobook now!

Pretty Pink Themed Hardcover Photobook: Feminine and Sophisticated Design

Surround your memories with elegance and grace using our Pretty Pink Themed Hardcover Photobook. This sophisticated design features delicate lacy backgrounds and cliparts in pink, along with script typography in matching pink hues. The feminine and refined style of this photobook makes it perfect for capturing special moments, from bridal showers and weddings to baby milestones and intimate gatherings.

Start personalising your Pretty Pink Themed Hardcover Photobook now!

Teddy and Bunnies Themed Hardcover Photobook: Colorful and Whimsical Design

Cherish the magic of childhood with our Teddy and Bunnies Themed Hardcover Photobook. This whimsical design features bold and colorful orange and green backgrounds, along with playful cliparts of stars and circles. Some image placeholders are round, adding a unique touch to your photo layouts. The charming fluffy photo-cliparts of teddies and bunnies make this photobook perfect for capturing the innocence and wonder of a child's world.

Start personalising your Teddy and Bunnies Themed Hardcover Photobook now!

Taupe Themed Hardcover Photobook: Bold and Elegant Design

Showcase your most cherished memories with our Taupe Themed Hardcover Photobook. This bold and elegant design features striking white picture borders and rich golden yellow and brown backgrounds that create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Ideal for highlighting your favorite moments, from family gatherings and vacations to special events and milestones, this photobook offers a sophisticated way to preserve your most treasured experiences.

Start personalising your Taupe Themed Hardcover Photobook now!

Simplicity Themed Hardcover Photobook: Natural Hues and Textures

Celebrate the beauty of simplicity with our Simplicity Themed Hardcover Photobook. This understated design features easy colors of natural hues and fabric-textured backgrounds that provide a calm and soothing backdrop for your memories. Perfect for showcasing the quiet moments of life, from serene landscapes to intimate portraits, this photobook offers a timeless and elegant way to preserve your most treasured experiences.

Start personalising your Simplicity Themed Hardcover Photobook now!

Up in Africa Themed Hardcover Photobook: Exotic Animal Prints and Bold Frames

Embrace the spirit of the African wilderness with our Up in Africa Themed Hardcover Photobook. This exotic design features animal print backgrounds, porcupine quill and guinea fowl feather cliparts, and bold frames that capture the essence of Africa's diverse and captivating wildlife. Perfect for showcasing your adventures on safari, exploring the continent's natural beauty, or celebrating your African heritage, this photobook offers a unique and vibrant way to preserve your most treasured experiences.

Start personalising your Up in Africa Themed Hardcover Photobook now!

Retro Themed Hardcover Photobook: Bold 60s and 70s Colors and Styles

Travel back in time with our Retro Themed Hardcover Photobook, inspired by the bold colors and iconic styles of the 60s and 70s. This nostalgic design features vibrant hues, white borders, and a variety of image placeholders with square corners, rounded corners, and round shapes. Perfect for showcasing your vintage photos, retro parties, or any memories that deserve a touch of groovy charm, this photobook offers a fun and colorful way to preserve your most treasured experiences.

Start personalising your Retro Themed Hardcover Photobook now!