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"My experience was amazing, the quality of the photobook is
outstanding and I received it within 3 days after placing my order.
Fantastic product and experience"


"My experience was amazing, the quality of the photobook is outstanding and I received it within 3 days after placing my order. Fantastic product and experience"

Hardcover photobook with a personalised printed cover




RapidStudio ultimate coffee table photobook album with black leather printed cover and white stitching

Ultimate Albums



RapidStudio A4 softcover photobooks with printed cover




RapidStudio personalised little photo bragbook with black canvas cover




RapidStudio personalised hardcover photo diary




RapidStudio personalised photo ruled notebook




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RapidStudio 3 easy steps to create a photobook online

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Congratulations for choosing South Africa’s leading photobook company. We’re confident you’ll find the best prices, quality and customer service for photobooks right here at RapidStudio. So if you’ve been wondering where to print photobooks in South Africa and if you want to make photo books easy, with easy photo books software, that enables anyone to make photobooks quick, first time every time you’ve come to the right place.

Our online easy-to-use album-maker turns novices into pro’s - transforming your pics into a beautiful, professional-looking designer album in no time. Whether it's wedding photobooks, baby, family, photobook specials, or if you’re in Johannesburg, Durban, Capetown or Poffadder RapidStudio photobooks are here for you!

Turn your precious memories into a stunning photo book with RapidStudio's seamless photo to book process. Our photobook range offers a diverse collection of themes and styles to suit every occasion, allowing you to create a personalized photo album book that truly reflects your unique story. With RapidStudio, you're not just creating a photobook; you're crafting a one-of-a-kind keepsake that will be cherished for years to come.

Looking for personalised gifts in South Africa? Look no further! RapidStudio's photo book offerings make for the perfect gift for any occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries, and everything in between. Need your photo book ready in a short time? We've got you covered with our efficient service, ensuring that your custom photo book album is completed promptly. From Johannesburg to Cape Town, and every corner of South Africa, RapidStudio is your go-to destination for high-quality photo books and exceptional customer service. Don't wait any longer; start creating your very own photo book masterpiece today!

Hardcover Photobooks

Hardcover photobooks are our flagship photobook, known for their quality, affordability and style. These photobooks are durable with a beautiful personalised printed hard cover, available in a wide variety of sizes. These books come standard with 24 pages on silk paper and can take up to 200 pages. Our hardcover photobooks have paper and cover upgrades available to increase the fancy-factor of your photo book. For example, upgrade your cover to semi-personalised which offers a genuine leather wrap around and personalised cover picture on durable wheat-laminated paper. Or choose a luxury cover with a full wrap in leather, linen or canvas.

Photobook album size 300x300, 200x200 and A4 landscape come with a paper option where your photo books lay flat when opened with a special built in hinge. These make wonderful photo book gifts as they are affordable treasured keepsakes that you can make for someone special or gift them with a photobook voucher to make their own.

For more information on hardcover photobook pricing visit our hardcover calculator page.

Ultimate Photo Albums

RapidStudio’s Ultimate Album photobook range are luxury, special keepsakes. These professional standard leather bound photo albums are made for durability and beauty, with the finest finishes available to be treasured through the years. These are often selected for wedding photo books, other favourite themes are baby albums, anniversary books and increasingly popular boudoir photo books. With RapidStudio’s online album-maker even novices can make these professional-looking designer albums. They come in a variety of photobook album sizes, and finishes from leather bound covers to personalised photo covers. The pages are printed on the highest quality photographic pages and all Ultimate range photobooks lay flat - each double-page-spread is printed on continuous paper with a simple score mark in the middle where the page folds. This allows for a beautiful, seamless flow of pictures across the page - uninterrupted by the spine of the book. Choose from a variety of finishes - round or square corners, stitching detail on the leather, cover fabric choices of genuine leather, vegan leather, leather hide, canvas or linen. Other variations available include page thickness and velvet paper for a smooth, deep matt look.

For more information on ultimate design album range options and pricing visit our Ultimates calculator page.

RapidStudio ultimate coffee table photobook album with black leather printed cover and white stitching
RapidStudio personalised hardcover photo diary


RapidStudio personalised diaries are one of the easiest, fastest and most rewarding products to order for yourself or as a gift. Using RapidStudio’s easy online editor, they can be made and ordered in around 5 minutes.

Personalised diaries are a fun way to stay organised and make an excellent, easy, treasured gift - especially at Christmas time. RapidStudio diaries offers a page-a-day view and customised hard cover binding for easy opening, and long-lasting durability that a well-used diary demands.

Softcover Photobooks

If you’re wondering what are the cheapest photobooks, softcovers are a great option. Perhaps you want to capture an event and share a copy with many people as a keepsake or to showcase a product but the budget for your photobooks is limited. Softcover photobooks are available in sizes A5 and A4 and printed on 135gsm paper. The binding is saddle stitched and self-cover (cover same paper as leaves inside). Softcover photobooks can be made with up to 56 pages. RapidStudio has prepared a number of professional photobook designs on our online editor to help you make a beautiful photobook, or use our recommended theme which offers a clean, simple layout that makes your images the hero of the book - free from distraction, just crisp, beautiful imagery. As softcover photobooks aren’t protected by a hardcover, they aren’t as durable and will wear with touch in time. If you’re after something more long-wearing we suggest our hardcover photo books, but often softcover photobooks can serve a specific purpose and budget well.

RapidStudio A4 softcover photobooks with printed cover
RapidStudio personalised photo ruled notebook

Personalised notebooks

Back-to-schoolers, busy moms, office dads and besties love RapidStudio’s personalised notebooks. They make fantastic exercise books, notebooks and journals. Make a statement and stay organised with your personalised cover notebooks. RapidStudio’s online editor makes these quick, easy and fun to make and order. In less than 5 minutes, you can completely design and order your notebook! The cover is personalised with your chosen image/design and inside offers an option of ruled or grid paper. Each exercise book offers professional printing and durable binding that is designed to withstand book bag carrying. A variety of page counts and print styles are available and make fantastic, affordable personalised gifts.


Little things mean a lot! RapidStudio’s bragbooks mini photo album range are pocket-sized and pack a punch!

Our personal favourite in the brag book series is the Instabook. 10cm x 10cm and printed in our Ultimates Department on professional photographic paper. The pages are high-quality butterfly bound encased in richly-textured canvas cover available in black, creme and grey.

Hardcover A5 bragbooks - similar to their big brothers and sisters in our Hardcover photobook range, these books are printed on silk paper and allow for a beautiful personlised printed cover featuring your favourite picture.

And finally the softcover minibooks are 9.5cm x 7cm landscape, printed on silk paper and self cover (cover made from the same paper as the photobook pages). They are excellent as a small budget photobook or when you want to make a beautiful visual photo product to share with a lot of people for an affordable price.

When it comes to a choice about softcover vs hardcover photobooks, it really comes down to budget, size and durability - if budget is limited and you want something small that doesn’t need to last, softcover photobooks can serve a great need. If it’s a special keepsake - hardcover photobooks are definitely the way to go.

RapidStudio personalised little photo bragbook with black canvas cover
Print your own hard cover holiday and travel photobook online with Rapidstudio

Travel and Holidays Photobooks

Remember your South African adventures with a stunning travel and holidays photobook. Relive your road trip down the scenic Garden Route, the exhilarating hikes at Drakensberg, or the unforgettable safaris in Kruger National Park. Our high-quality photobook themes will help you create a beautiful keepsake, perfect for sharing your experiences with family and friends. Don't let those amazing memories be forgotten in your phone or computer. Bring them to life in a photobook, and share the beauty of South Africa with your loved ones. Plus, it's a great gift idea for those who share your wanderlust. So why wait? Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on specials and promotions, and start creating your very own photo books in South Africa today! Keep your travel memories alive and cherish them forever.

Baby's First Year Photobooks

Preserve the precious moments of your baby's first year with a beautifully crafted softcover photobook. Document their first smile, step, and word in a keepsake that you can cherish for a lifetime. Our photobook themes make it easy to create a stunning album that celebrates your little one's milestones. Include all the special memories, from their first bath to the time they tasted their first bite of Cape Town's delicious malva pudding. And with Mother's Day and Father's Day around the corner, a baby photobook makes for a thoughtful and heartwarming gift. Start creating your baby's photo book today! Treasure those magical moments and share your joy with family and friends as you flip through the pages of your beautiful photobook.

Print your own hard cover baby milestone photobook online with Rapidstudio
Ultimate designer photobook album package for photographers online with Rapidstudio

Wedding Photobooks

Every wedding is a beautiful story just waiting to be told. With our exquisite hardcover wedding albums, you can capture the magic of your special day in a stunning, customised album. Whether you tied the knot on the breathtaking beaches of Cape Town or in the vibrant city of Johannesburg, our photobook themes will help you create an elegant keepsake that you can cherish for years to come. Relive the joyous moments, the heartfelt speeches, and the laughter shared with loved ones. A wedding photobook also makes for a wonderful anniversary gift, allowing you to reminisce on the day that started your lifelong journey together. Let the love story of your dreams live on in the pages of a beautiful photobook.

Party and Event Photobooks

From milestone birthdays and graduations to festive celebrations and corporate events, South Africa is always brimming with excitement. Capture the fun and create lasting memories with our softcover party and event photobooks. Relive the joy of your child's bar mitzvah or the unforgettable moments from your company's annual year-end party. Our wide range of photobook themes allows you to customise your album to perfectly suit the occasion. Share the good times with friends and family, and give them a keepsake they'll treasure for years. Whether it's a roaring 1920s-themed soiree in Johannesburg or a charming garden party in Stellenbosch, let the memories of your special event live on in a beautifully crafted photobook.

Print your own hard cover birthday photobook online with Rapidstudio
Print your own hard cover sport photobook online with Rapidstudio

Sports Events and Club Photobooks

South Africans are passionate about their sports, and what better way to capture the excitement and camaraderie than with a sports events and club photobook? From the thrill of your local rugby club's championship game to the adrenaline-filled moments of the Cape Town Cycle Tour, our photobook themes make it easy to showcase the highlights of your sporting adventures. Share the triumphs and achievements with teammates, friends, and family, and keep the spirit of sportsmanship alive in a beautifully crafted album. A sports events photobook also makes a thoughtful gift for coaches, teammates, and dedicated supporters. Celebrate your victories and unforgettable experiences with a personalised photobook.

Mother's Day Photobooks

Show your mom how much you love and appreciate her with a heartfelt Mother's Day photobook. Create a unique and personalised album filled with precious memories, from family vacations in Durban to her birthday celebration at her favourite Cape Town vineyard. Our photobook themes make it easy to design a stunning keepsake that she'll treasure forever. Celebrate the special bond between mother and child, and let her know how much she means to you. A Mother's Day photobook is not just a thoughtful gift, but a heartfelt gesture that will remind her of the love and warmth she brings to your life. Give your mom the perfect Mother's Day surprise with a beautifully crafted photobook.

Print Mom a photobook for Mother's Day online with RapidStudio
Print Dad a photobook for Father's Day online with RapidStudio

Father's Day Photobooks

Express your love and gratitude for your dad with a personalised Father's Day photobook. Fill the pages with cherished memories, like the unforgettable fishing trips in Knysna, the exciting cricket matches at Wanderers Stadium, or the quiet moments shared over a braai in your backyard. Our photobook themes make it easy to create a heartfelt keepsake that he'll treasure for years to come. A Father's Day photobook is more than just a gift—it's a celebration of the special bond between father and child. Show your dad how much he means to you by creating a one-of-a-kind album that captures the love and warmth of your family.

Graduation Photobooks

Mark the culmination of your academic journey with a custom graduation photobook that captures the pride and joy of your achievements. Commemorate your hard work and dedication, from the late-night study sessions to the lively debates during your years at university. Our photobook themes make it easy to design a beautiful album that reflects your personal journey. Share the excitement with family and friends, and give them a keepsake that they can cherish as they remember your accomplishments. A graduation photobook also makes a thoughtful gift for classmates, professors, and mentors who have supported you throughout your academic career. Celebrate your success and embrace the next chapter of your life with a stunning photobook.

Print your own hard cover school or varsity graduation photobook online with Rapidstudio
Print your own hard cover bar mitzvah photobook online with Rapidstudio

Bar Mitzvah Photobooks

A Bar Mitzvah is a significant milestone in a young person's life, marking their passage into Jewish adulthood. Preserve the memories of this special day with a custom Bar Mitzvah photobook. Document the joyous celebration, from the moving synagogue ceremony to the lively party with friends and family. Our photobook themes make it easy to create a meaningful keepsake that honours your child's journey. A Bar Mitzvah photobook is a wonderful gift for grandparents, relatives, and friends who have supported your child along the way. Cherish the memories of this important day with a beautifully crafted album that will be treasured for years to come.

Business and Corporate Event Photobooks

Corporate events and business gatherings are an essential part of your company's culture, and a business and corporate event photobook is the perfect way to celebrate these occasions. Capture the spirit of teamwork and collaboration at team-building events, product launches, or award ceremonies. Our photobook themes make it easy to create a professional and polished album that reflects your company's brand and values. Share the excitement with colleagues and clients, and give them a keepsake that showcases your company's commitment to success. A corporate event photobook also makes a thoughtful gift for employees, partners, and stakeholders. Celebrate your company's achievements with a beautifully designed photobook.

Print a corporate photobook online with RapidStudio
Print your own estate agent property portfolio photo book online with RapidStudio

Estate Agent Portfolio Photobooks

As an estate agent, showcasing your properties in the best possible light is crucial for success. Create a stunning estate agent portfolio photobook to present your properties professionally and attract potential buyers. Whether you're selling luxury homes in Constantia or modern apartments in Sandton, our photobook themes make it easy to design a polished and appealing album. Share your property portfolio with clients and investors, and give them a tangible keepsake that showcases your expertise and dedication. An estate agent portfolio photobook not only highlights your listings but also demonstrates your commitment to providing a high-quality service. Enhance your marketing efforts and impress clients with a beautifully crafted property portfolio photobook.

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