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Beautifully hand-crafted Tri Fold photo frames will add to any existing decor around the home or office. Three Jumbo sized Photo prints are mounted onto Matt board frames which are mounted onto a tri fold, with a variety of frame colour and cover materials options to choose from.

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Tri-Fold Photo Displays: A Timeless Fusion of Art and Craftsmanship

Decorating your home is an art form, and what better way to showcase your personal style than with our luxurious Tri-Fold Photo Displays? Specifically designed to sit beautifully on your mantelpiece, these exquisite pieces offer a new dimension to traditional framing. Comprised of three framed and bound photos, each Tri-Fold is an intimate storytelling device, capturing the essence of cherished memories or moments.

Crafted for longevity and aesthetic appeal, our Tri-Folds come in two distinguished materials: supple leather and premium canvas. Choose leather for a rich, classic look that matures gracefully over time, acquiring a unique patina. Alternatively, opt for canvas if you’re after a more contemporary or casual appearance. Both materials are expertly framed and bound, ensuring they're not just visually stunning but also durable.

Perfect for Any Occasion: Gift the Unforgettable

The tri-fold format allows for a dynamic arrangement of three photographs, inviting the viewer to engage in a narrative journey. Whether it's capturing the stages of life, a special event, or contrasting themes, the trio of frames creates a compelling visual dialogue. This format offers a unique way to encapsulate a story that a single frame simply can’t capture.

Tri-Fold Photo Displays are the perfect gift for a myriad of occasions. From anniversaries and birthdays to graduations and housewarmings, this is a gift that speaks volumes. Each frame captures a moment, and together they represent a story, making the Tri-Fold an unparalleled sentimental treasure.

Create a tri fold photo frame online with RapidStudio

Customisation Made Simple

Designing your unique Tri-Fold is effortless with RapidStudio's user-friendly online interface. Simply select your desired material, upload your chosen photographs, and finalize the layout. You'll have a live preview to tweak and perfect your design, ensuring you’re entirely satisfied before completing your purchase.

In essence, our Tri-Fold Photo Displays are not just frames; they are narratives bound in leather or canvas, waiting to tell a story. They stand as a testament to what happens when impeccable craftsmanship meets heartfelt emotion, elevating your mantelpiece into an art gallery of your own making. Experience the transformative power of personal storytelling with RapidStudio’s Tri-Folds today.