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"Everything was as I hoped it do be and more.
In time delivery, quality and really friendly and helpfull assistance. Thank you!"


"Everything was as I hoped it do be and more.
In time delivery, quality and really friendly and helpfull assistance. Thank you!"

Print your own photo to canvas print online with RapidStudio

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Wall Art and Canvas Prints

Need the perfect wall decoration to tie your living room together? Or maybe you want a gorgeous, eye-catching calendar to set-off the back wall of your office? Then again, a lavish canvas print of your favourite 1960s icon may be just what’s needed to finish off your second-storey hallway.

RapidStudio can provide all this and more. With high levels of design excellence and quality materials, we can create a range of wall adornments guaranteed to add a touch of style and character to any room. Each piece is made to order and is entirely personalised to you. It’s a great way to stamp your personality on any room of your choice – whether domestic or professional.

There are few limits to what you can do with a single, powerful image or with an eye-catching pattern or design. Print it on a large canvas to complete that bare wall that’s been begging for a beautiful decoration. Create split panel canvas sets to act as a focal point in your newly redecorated lounge. Create clocks out of wood, canvas and a variety of other materials to make a timepiece unlike any other. Then again, you could go for a framed or block-mounted A2-size poster to hang on your reception wall as the perfect welcome to visiting clients. Get even more creative and design a set of shutter blocks to mount a collage of treasured family memories on the wall of your entrance hall.

RapidStudio will take any image of your choice and turn it into a lasting piece of wall art. Adornments, conversation pieces, memories and eye candy – these are our specialties.

Unleashing the Magic: How Art Prints and Canvases Transform Your Living Spaces

Transform your living spaces into captivating rooms with the enchanting allure of art prints and canvases. Embracing the vibrant strokes of creativity, these timeless pieces have the power to breathe life into your walls and evoke emotions within your home. From a collection of canvas sets to the bold statement of large canvas print, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

With an array of sizes, styles, and subjects to choose from, printing your own canvases allows you to create a personalised space that speaks volumes about your unique taste and personality.

The perfect art print or canvas can redefine your space and leave a lasting impression on all who enter.

Transform Your Photos into Masterpieces: Printing on Canvas in South Africa

Transform your cherished photos into timeless works of art with the best online canvas printing company in South Africa. Elevate your home décor with custom canvas masterpieces that capture your most precious moments in vivid detail. Our state-of-the-art printing technology ensures every hue is faithfully reproduced, preserving the essence and emotion of your images. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail guarantee stunning results that will adorn your walls for years to come.

Whether you're looking to adorn your living space with a gallery of family memories or seeking a unique gift for a loved one, our canvas prints are the perfect choice. Elevate your space, transform your photos, and indulge in the luxury of premium canvas printing in South Africa.

Exploring the Beauty of Shutterblocks

With their sturdy, versatile nature, shutterblocks are a creative alternative to canvas prints. These amazing displays of memories are best displayed on your wall in sets of 3, 6, or more. Our quality printing process and durable materials ensure that these will last - they make great gifts and decor for any room. Each block print is mounted on a 18mm thick wooden block which gives a luxurious, solid look.

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