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Instablocks - Mini Canvas Prints

These mini canvases are dynamite for blasting your favourite social media images off your phone and into your home or office. Don’t keep creativity locked up on Instagram and other apps. Set your low-resolution images free! Blending your favourite picture in a quality frame has never been easier, or so much fun.
Choose from two pocket rocket canvas sizes for a high-velocity explosive image. Grab the 10 x 10cm or a 15 x 15cm to launch your pictures into the world.
Instablocks are designed with flexibility and versatility in mind. Once you have the size selected, set it off with an amazing frame. Go slim and sleek with a narrow frame or bold and broad with a wider frame. Instablock frames are a delicious coffee bean brown with a luxury wood grain texture. What’s more, they are made from quality recycled plastic to protect the environment.
At their core, every Instablock is made using poly cotton mix canvas hand wrapped on wooden blocks for a super durable product.
Instablocks pack an intense punch alone or a shotgun blast of colour when hung in groups of 9 or 16 on a lonely wall. So what are you waiting for? Download the faces of friends and family, motivational phrases or funny memes and bring your space to life.

from ZAR59.00



 Instablock 10x10 (100 x 100mm ) - ZAR 59.00
 Instablock 10x10 Narrow Frame (Narrow Frame 100 x 100mm) - ZAR 98.00
 Instablock 10x10 Broad Frame (Broad Frame 100 x 100mm ) - ZAR 138.00
 Instablock 15x15 (150 x 150mm) - ZAR 89.00
 Instablock 15x15 Narrow Frame (Narrow Frame 150 x 150mm) - ZAR 148.00
 Instablock 15x15 Broad Frame (Broad Frame 150 x 150mm) - ZAR 208.00


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