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Canvas Clocks



RapidStudio Canvas Clocks add an elegant touch to any room of your home or office. Choose from several designs and layouts before uploading your favourite image to create a fully personalised canvas clock! These clocks offer a unique, high-end appeal that is accentuated by luxury canvas and premium printing.


Get your Canvas Clock in one of two sizes: 300 x 300 mm or 500 x 500 mm. The 240 gsm canvas is stretched over a 20 mm thick square frame that rests comfortably flush against the wall, offering a streamlined look for any space. The clock mechanism is pre-installed, meaning that you only need to install batteries to see your customized clock in action. How do we ensure the quality of your Canvas Clock? Our large format HP designjet printers were made for high resolution, promising color rich printing at up to a mesmerizing 300 dpi. Each print is coated with a specialized sealant that protects the image from dust, spills, and fingerprints. Keep in mind, some images just won’t be compatible with Canvas Clocks. For instance, if your subject matter takes up the entire frame, your image might not be suitable for a Canvas Clock. Since your printed image wraps around the sides of the 20mm thick frame, you’ll need space around the edge of your image. On the other hand, consider the style of the clock you’re choosing against the colors of your image. Some Canvas Clocks were made for white or grey borders, while others were born for funky designs. Use your judgment and creativity to decide which Canvas Clock and image works best!


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