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Softcover Photobooks



Create your own softcover photobook with RapidStudio’s easy-to-use online photo book editor. Softcover books do not have a cover and are saddle stitched.

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Softcover Photo Book Printing & Design Made Easy

You don't need to pay a graphic designer or photographer to design your book for you. We have a bunch of different designs suited for anything from birthdays to weddings to holidays. Simply choose a template you like, place the photos in the placeholders that are already on the page and add text and other elements to your heart's content. After you've placed your order, leave it in our hands to print and deliver a professional product back to you.


Print Details

  • Printed on V3100 digital press. This means that your images will be clearer than ever. Our Xerox Xerox® Versant® 3100 high definition digital press offers 4 colour channels, yielding stunning 270dpi double sided prints.
  • Offers easy-to-carry design
  • Saddle stitch binding
  • 135gsm paper

Design Recommendations

  • RapidStudio suggests that you take advantage of the professional designs that have already been made for you by using one of our pre-made themes to start your book.
  • The softcover books are suited for lower page counts, as too many pages can ruin the binding of the book. If you are interested in something with a longer lifespan and more durability, we recommend trying a hardcover.
  • Softcover books do not have a cover.


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