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RapidStudio offers a pre-designed line of mugs, as well as the popular “Design Your Own” mug! Create your very own design by uploading the logo or image of your choice. These mugs make great branding tools and gifts and you have complete control over the look and feel!


Design Recommendations

  • All mugs: Remember the mug is round, with a handle on one side, when you're looking at the design canvas in the editor, the right-side of the canvas will be what faces you if you're holding the mug in your right hand, while the left side of the design canvas is the part of the mug that will face away from you. The area in the very center of the design canvas is the edge of the mug that's directly opposite the handle. You don't often view the mug straight on like this. With that in mind, it's best to keep the major focus of your design to the left or right side of the design canvas.
  • Colour Change Mugs: These mugs turn white when a hot liquid is poured in, and gradually change back to their original colour as they cool. This effect needs to be taken into consideration when designing, with the exception of the black colour change mug, any print colour other than the colour of the mug itself can be seen while the mug is cool. So it's best to create a design of the same colour as the mug, that way it's hidden by the mug colour until the mug gets hot, then the design is visible. So for example, for a red mug, do your design in red. The black colour change mug is the exception, it'll hide any print design, which will be revealed when hot.

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