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Wooden USB Flash Drives



Our line of premium wooden USB flash drives gives you the power to customise a special keepsake or promotional item. Start by simply choosing your desired style and memory capacity. Then, upload the logo or text that you’d like branded directly onto the wooden USB encasement.


Print Details

Laser etched into the wood or bamboo, the laser etching leaves some burned residue, giving the image some authentic contrast with the unetched wood or bamboo.


All the our wooden USBs come in a wood or bamboo box, with a sliding lid and a magnetic closure. The box lid is personalised, laser etched with your own design.

Design Recommendations

The editing canvas in the online editor opens up quite large on the screen, this can be deceiving, make sure the artwork you place fills the entire editing canvas, and keep font sizes as large as possible, 8pt is the smallest recommended size. It's best to use high contrast line art graphics, and steer clear of colours, remember the image is etched into the material, and will show in the burned shades of the wood / bamboo. It's not printed with colour inks. Bare in mind any grain in the wood or bamboo texture will be incorporated into the etching.


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