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Photo Flippers



A photo flipper from RapidStudio makes the perfect brag book or corporate tool. Grandparents and parents alike can use photo flippers to show off their precious families. On a corporate level, photo flippers can be used as demonstration tools for graphs, charts, and other information.


Product Details

Each photo flipper is created from durable materials and offers a nice polished look that can be used by students, grandparents, parents, sales employees, and more. Create a presentation or a brag book, the choice is yours! Choose your favorite images or infographics to create a photo flipper that is personalized, elegant, and durable! High quality printing and materials ensure that your photo flipper will serve you well.

Print Details

Printed on 1000 digital press. This means that your images will be clearer than ever. Our Xerox DocuColour 1000 high definition digital press offers 5 colour channels, yielding stunning 270dpi double sided prints.

Design Recommendations

Because of the wired top edge of the photo flipper, the RapidStudio team suggests using caution so that you don’t accidentally cut off important detail that comes close to the top edge of the page.


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