Give a Grin to the Smile Foundation

RapidStudio are proud to support the Smile Foundation.

The Smile Foundation puts smiles on the faces of children all over South Africa. This amazing non-profit healthcare organisation helps hundreds of children every year who suffer from facial conditions, such cleft palates. In concert with South Africa’s best Academic Hospitals, Smile Foundation funds corrective facial surgery to help kids in need. The Smile Foundation also improves public health infrastructure through medical training and essential reconstructive equipment. What’s more, all children are assisted with post surgical counselling and support, rehabilitating their confidence to face the world.

RapidStudio are committed in our support and donating products and expertise to the Smile Foundation. For any organisation to function well, quality printing is paramount. RapidStudio supplies all the foundation’s printing needs. We also produce vital promotional materials to help raise funds, recognise and encourage major philanthropy, and create special books for the children in care.

RapidStudio put our bodies on the line. Shaun Bowen, RapidStudio’s Managing Director, represented and raised money for the Smile Foundation in the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge. When RapidStudio do charity work in the community, like doing the annual Walk the Talk, we will be raising awareness and much needed funds for the Smile Foundation.

Join us and support the Smile Foundation!
Together we are helping South African children smile again.

When you purchase anything on our site and checkout your order, you will have the opportunity to add a donation to your cart.

Shaun Bowen riding for the Smile Foundation in the 2016 94.7 Cycle Challenge.

Shaun Bowen (MD) and Allison Barty at the 2016 Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge.