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Fridge Magnets are a fantastic way to get loads of beautiful photo memories up in your home. Show off those fishing trips, camping expeditions and sports stadium selfies with pride.

Fridge magnets are quick and easy to order, and provide great value when you've got many photos to print and display.

RapidStudio's fridge magnets are available in many different shapes and sizes.

"The most important thing in the world is family and love."

~ John Wooden

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Did you know you can turn a photo into a canvas print? Or even better... a canvas clock! Hang those happy memories up on the wall with pride.

Want something modern or traditional, big or small? We’ve got all sorts of framing options to suit any room. No matter your dad’s tastes, RapidStudio has all the angles covered in every size from square to panoramic. What’s more, you can rest assured each canvas is stretched and protected with a durable waterproof sealant.

Now you can make that special photo into an artwork for Father’s day. It’s never been easier to design and print a bespoke masterpiece to light up his life.

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Mugs are a great all-round gift for Father’s day. At RapidStudio, we’ll print a picture for the perfect cuppa.

It might be a family portrait, a spectacular scene or a hilarious joke. No matter what, RapidStudio can turn a mug into a treasured cup. There’s nothing better than a warm heart and a hot drink.

Choose from a selection of plain white, coloured insides and even colour-changing mugs.

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Hardcover Photo Book


Did you know that you’ve got the makings of a perfect gift right there in your phone? Get those happy snaps off your phone and into a custom Photobook. Got a backup drive stuffed with pictures too? Why not make your dad smile with a book of happiness made just for him! RapidStudio will make you a handsomely bound, professionally printed coffee table book your father will show off to all his friends. Nothing makes a father more proud than seeing the joy of his children.

The options, themes and sizes are as boundless as your imagination and fit any budget. Holidays, birthdays, kids and grandkids, fishing trips or humorous slips. Share a life of images with your father through the magic of Photobooks.

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Gift Vouchers


Don’t be fooled. Many fathers love the versatility of a voucher. It’s a no pressure option to satisfy any special requirements. This way your dad can flip, toggle, craft and customise to his heart’s content. He’ll pick a perfect gift in a jiffy or maybe just take his time and shop when he’s good and ready. Either way, you’re a winner and Dad’s a grinner.

"A gift, with a kind countenance, is double present."

~ Thomas Fuller

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Make it a date to remember!

Remember, Father’s day is on the 17th June 2018.

You’ll save time going online plus you’ll skip the crowds of last-minute shoppers.

Get in quick and plan your father’s special day today!

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