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Apple iPhoto®, Photos®, & Aperture®

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RapidStudio can print your Apple iPhoto®, Photos®, or Aperture® books. Simply upload them on our product pages. You can have your Apple Book printed as a Softcover or a Hardcover Photobook. Interesting fact: We've been printing Apple Photobooks longer than we've been printing our own! :)

Apple announced that it would be discontinuing its Apple photobook design functionality and would no longer be printing photobooks in September 2018. New Macs no longer come with the photobook software and users have had to find alternative software packages to capture their precious memories.

Here at RapidStudio, we give you free access to our online software to create amazing, high-quality photobooks and we print these to your expectations. All of this can be done from the comfort of your own home.

By offering very similar templates to what you are already accustomed to with Apple photobook and matching print specifications, we are able to deliver the same standard of high-quality printing that you love and are used to.

When designing and ordering a photobook from us, you will have almost the exact same feel and layout that Apple photobook printing offered - and more! Many more photobook printing options are available to you, so that you can express your artistic flair and create that perfect gift or memory.

How Do I print an Apple Photobook?

  1. Simply export your photobook from Aperture® or iPhoto® in PDF format.
  2. Use one of our many templates offered online as part of our software.
  3. Easily upload your finished photobook to the RapidStudios website.
  4. Choose from our wide variety of printing options.
  5. Order your Apple photobook online, with ease, at the click of a button.

If your Mac still has the software your photobook can be designed in the Apple programmes and uploaded to RapidStudio for quick efficient printing at competitive pricing.

In just a few easy to follow steps, your Apple photobook printing will be in our professional and experienced hands, giving you the comfort to sit back and await the arrival of your unique and precious photobook. We are here waiting, ready to create your Apple photobook when you are.