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Message In A Bottle USBs



Wrap your favourite memories in a beautiful bespoke bottle! Complete with authentic cork stopper and personalised photographic labelling, you’ll be adored with this unique gift. Design your very own collection and make a cute space saving display for your home or office. Fitted with 8GB of USB storage, unleash the genie of your imagination on the world!


Your very own Message in a Bottle

This pocket-sized bottle is a dainty gift that keeps on giving with an USB flash drive hidden in the cork stopper. Fill the bottle with happy snaps and share with your friends and loved ones.

Custom Printed Label

Our special ‘Wetlab’ print process creates a vivid high-quality image. Pick and mix your favourite photos for an eye-catching label that slips inside the glass.

Print Details

The Wetlab print process delivers a stunning high-quality photo print that will be inserted into the glass bottle.

Manufacture Details

Your printed design gets slipped into the small glass bottle like a label. The bottle is then closed with a cork stopper which contains the USB flash drive.

Design Recommendations

We recommend using images that fill the frame with your subject. The bottles are small so you want the pictures to be close up. The photo strip overlaps the darkened area. Any image or text in this zone will be hidden from view.


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