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Hardcover Photobook A4

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Our Hardcover A4 Landscape is our most popular Hardcover photobook. But we recommend you have a look at our 300x300 Hardcover before settling in and starting your project. The A4 Landscape Hardcover's pages are a standard size and familiar proportion. The book opens up into a wide panoramic spread which can be beautiful for sweeping panoramic designs. We highly recommend the Layflat paper option on this book, as it opens flat and you don’t lose any print real estate in the spine.

Pages: 12-148 pages. After 24 pages, additional pages are charged in sets of 4.


Starting @ ZAR449.00



Inspired by simplicity, this beautifully simple theme lets nothing detract from your images. They bleed off the pages, filling the book with nothing but your beautiful photography.


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The familiar proportions of the A4 Landscape Hardcover are a popular photobook proportion, and open up to a wide panoramic spread that can show off your beautiful images.

The A4 Landscape Hardcover Photobook pages are similarly proportioned to landscape photos, making it easy to fill each page with a beautiful image, and perhaps some text. When designing one page at a time, the photos fit easily into the page area. When designing whole spreads at a time, beautiful panoramas can flow across the entire spread. Especially when paired with Layflat Paper.

This book is great for casual holiday pictures, pet books, and sentimental records of your kids growing up. Fill each page with a beautiful photo memory.

Print Details

Our High definition digital press produces beautiful double sided prints at up to 2400 x 2400 dpi

Cover Type Options

Personalised Cover

Fully personalised, printed hard cover with a gloss lamination.

Animal Friendly Leather Cover

Animal-Friendly Leather is our vegan cover option, you get the appearance of leather, but no animals were harmed in the making of your precious book. Between the hardboard and outer layer of the leather cover, we've added a lining to make the cover plush. This cover isn't at all personaliseable, but it does make a beautiful traditional book.

Personalised Wheat Lam Cover

Fully personalised, printed hard cover with a rough textured lamination.

Paper Type Options

Silk Paper

With a silk sheen you get the best of both matt and gloss papers in one.

Linen Paper

Textured paper, ideal for more formal books such as weddings photobooks, or heritage books chronicling some of your family’s history.

Layflat Paper

Our flagship paper, available on the 300x300, A4 Landscape and 200x200 Hardcover Photobooks only, highly recommended for all book types. With a plastic hinge manufactured into the paper, the photobook's pages can open up as a beautiful, almost completely flat spread. (allow for an alignment tolerance of up to 5mm between pages in a spread)

Dustcover (Optional)

If you’d like a matching dustcover for your book, it adds a level of sophistication to the book, allows you to have and introduction and ending flaps, and adds a measure of protection for your book's cover. If you're designing in iPhoto or on our website, you'll see place to design the flaps of your dustcover. If you're designing in the RapidStudio software, you won't have the option of designing internal flaps, they will be plain white.